Our work for homeless peoples


Our work during corona lockdown period in Latur City

Food Distribution in Lockdown Period

City is locked down and there is no availability of food and water for the beggers, homeless, mentally ill and students and people who have stucked in hospitals, Bus stand,Railway station. we have started to serve such people who are in need. it’s our 5th day to serve. Many helping hands coming to help us morally and financially. please hope and pray so that we help many people’s who are in need. Today incident when we gave food packets and water bottles to one beggar with no legs he humbly thanx us and told भगवान तुम्हारा भला करे One more mentally ill lady told that after my death you people do all the formalities. We have the great supportive team to do all these thing and to implement
1)Mustafa Syed, Self Employed
2)Asif Pathan, Electrication
3)Akash Gaikwad, Banker
4)Jafar Shaikh, Self Employed
5)Gopal Oza, Self Employed
6)Praveen Yele, Self Employed
7)Ganesh Hedda, Self Employed
We all are middle class fellows but we always keep in our mind abt the responsibility towards our society. Religion to Responsibility Foundation

Food Distribution

Food Distribution in Lockdown Period

From last 15 days, we are working continuously for providing food the the homeless, mentally ill peoples as well as we also served food to the beggers, sex workers and to the peoples who have stucked at different places and not able to go anywhere in this lockdown period.

Till date from the lockdown period we have distributed food to alsmost 10,000 peoples in the city.

We are happy that we are doing our work towards the society, what about you?


When you see any homeless people, try to speak with him / her.


Immediately inform us. We will try to reach on the spot as soon as possible.


You can be a volunteer by helping that person

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers